JC Vogt Photography

A Million Dollar View

The Top of the Rock is a popular tourist attraction in the heart of New York City. It's open-air looking area provides panoramic views of the whole city.


A glorious burst of light brings a fleeting moment of opportunity. You can buy multiple products of this shot and more at my Society6 site: http://society6.com/JCVogt

His Name's Trouble

A visit to a good friend. Shot with the iPhone 4S


Reversed 50mm lens. Flash set at -2.7




My cat like to look at the world from inside...

The Last One Standing...

Finally dusted off my old Vivitar V4000. Loving the results.

Fall's Golden Hour

Border Patrol

A Rufous hummingbird is fought off in a fight over territory.

The Journey

A Photoshop manipulation

Scraping the Sky

A skyscraper in downtown Chicago.

Snake River; Canyonlands National Park

The Snake River as viewed from above.

Small Details

Shot this morning; I found that if you look low, you see the world in a different way. Thanks for all of the comments, likes, and favs!